How to Re-Market Your Product to Your Leads

It is a constant challenge figuring out how to attract more targeted customers who are suited to help your business thrive. It is the goal of every company to reach as large of customer base as possible, and have a high conversion rate when selling their product or service. This is far easier said than done, but with the right techniques you can see substantial results by tailoring your efforts. For businesses in the financial realm (debt settlement, tax, or loan modification) working with leads is an effective way to reach a qualified customer base. Despite this, many companies don’t reach the return on investment they envisioned because of the manner in which they are marketing to their clients. Following the industry standard might keep you afloat, but it will never put you ahead. Here are three tactics to employ on your leads that will increase your conversion rates and bolster your company’s image.

1. When Calling a Lead, if they don’t pick up leave a Voice mail

Leaving a voice mail is an effective method for contacting your leads, but there is a specific strategy and technique to leaving one. It is important to never leave a voice mail on the first attempt you call. The best practice is to call at least three times randomly throughout the day. If they do not pick up on the first two tries and it is a work number, try pressing zero. Pressing zero at work phone number will often send you to a receptionist or co-worker who has a better idea of where this person is. If you don’t get through on the third try, leave a voice mail. When you do leave a message make sure you include a reference of success with a past client. This breaks the barrier and establishes trust within your company and increases your credibility. Prospecting customers are going to trust your clients more than they are going to believe your marketing messages, which makes the reference key.

2. E-mailing Your Leads

Many financial companies still rely on direct mailing services as a major component of their marketing campaigns. While this was once an effective strategy e-mail marketing has greatly surpassed standard mail. When delivered through email, you provide quality content of your businesses services, rates, and offers at a far better cost than direct mail. When your message is delivered via mail, a hard copy provides some incentives, but e-mail allows them to go directly to your company’s website. This channel drives highly qualified visitors back to your website with a product or service in mind to purchase. It’s no surprise that the website conversion rates of are so much higher.

3. Mobile Marketing

One field you should start focusing a lot of attention on is mobile marketing. If the lead you receive includes a cell phone number you have an untapped resource to market your company. Because cell phone numbers are not listed in the phone book most companies are not afforded a direct line to their customer base. Following the model for how well e-mail marketing lists convert, contacting with mobile marketing via phone and text messaging strategies will skyrocket your conversion rates. If communicating through text is one of the primary ways of communication, wouldn’t you want to make it part of your marketing efforts? With the new age of smart-phones and social media there is a huge marketplace that most other companies don’t think to cater to. As mobile communication keeps growing in the online market as well, now is the time to really consider how you can use mobile marketing to generate business for your company.

Making Money From Home in Internet Marketing Can Be Overwhelming, So How Can I Find a Direction?

A basic knowledge of internet marketing is essential since you must be aware of your options before you can concentrate your efforts in any specific direction. This will take some time since this is a broad subject, and can be approached in so many ways. Learn more about your choices by reading a book, or an e book on the subject. There are also many websites and entire communities on the web which are dedicated to making money on line and internet marketing. When you have acquired this basic knowledge, your goals and this entire process will become much clearer to you. The internet will open up endless opportunities for making income from home. The world is our marketplace, and the number of people on line searching for information is growing exponentially.

So Many Experts! As you search for information on line, you are sure to get much more than you bargain for. Encountering endless numbers of people who claim to know “the secret”, and an equally endless number who claim to be making easy money fast, can be exhausting. I heard an “old Vermonter” say that he does not believe anything he hears and only half of what he sees. This may be a slight exaggeration, but the point that I am trying to make is that we need to be skeptics. Investigate before you buy, and be sure to ask some key questions such as the following:

• Is this person doing successfully what they are trying to teach you?
• Are they making any money?
• Can you learn more about this person on a website or a blog?
• Can you view a sample of their program without any obligation?
• Is this the right direction for you?

There is Nothing to be Afraid of! Yes, there are some scams out there, but they are harmless, unless you choose to participate in them. Do your homework, and always read the fine print! I have actually seen adds with testimonials that state in fine print at the bottom that the testimonials were created for advertising purposes only! These people are relying on shoppers who are hearing only what they want to hear, and are in a hurry for instant results. Slow down… ask the key questions, and do not forget that “old Vermonter”. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you take your time, and look around on the internet, I am sure that you will find a particular writing style or personality that appeals to you. You will discover a person that speaks to you. Follow this person for a while, go to their website, read their tutorials, watch their videos. You will gain knowledge and suddenly your decision will not seem so difficult. Things will begin to come into focus.

This is not a Sprint it is a Marathon. I have suggested several courses of action that will get you started making money from home on your own schedule. Just remember that these actions will take some time and effort on your part. You may not be an overnight success. However, I know that if you work at this daily, you will produce a stream of income. Once you start this stream, your effort will make it grow. You are building a network that will attract buyers to your products, and you will begin to see results for your efforts. Start building now, and add a few blocks each day.

Why a Small Business Must Use Internet Marketing

An effective marketing campaign considers the use of every method to reach potential customers and generate leads, including both off-line (traditional) and on-line methods. This means reviewing just about every one that has ever been successfully utilized. To locate a comprehensive list, the first place that comes to mind is the index page of textbooks on marketing. After viewing a couple of indexes, it is easy to compile a complete checklist of available choices. Every business uses different method combinations to sustain success.

For any campaign to be effective, understand the target market, then select a method that suits the target. Obvious examples are: an expert offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services would market to prospects who already have websites, probably reaching the prospect via the published email contact form on their site. Website designers may instead use telemarketing or direct mail, since it would be difficult to find an email address for a business that does not yet publish a site.

Most brick and mortar small businesses choose traditional methods like yellow pages, direct mail, newspaper ads, but few include a website. These methods are what they know, because for decades they have been the cornerstones of reaching their clientele. But these methods are very expensive. To guarantee market saturation they use a shotgun approach; big ads in the yellow pages and mailers to every address. Shoot enough times with enough ammunition and you will hit something. In other words, by repeatedly sending the same ads, to the same target market, every prospect should eventually see the ad. One of the problems for businesses today, is too many off-line choices. There are several yellow pages in most communities, and none of them have complete listings, translating to only partial market penetration. Additionally, there is no tracking for the advertiser to know how many prospects are looking for them, how many have found them, or how many return to read their ad a second time. Direct mail improves slightly on the yellow pages, but has similar problems; their effectiveness is only measured by how many coupons are redeemed compared to how many pieces are mailed. Advertisers have no idea how many times their ad is actually viewed. No traditional off-line form of advertising provides in-depth tracking and without it, one can only speculate what to change or improve. For the business person it is hit and miss. This kind of marketing approach is rapidly changing.

What marketing method can get advertising not just delivered, but opened and read by prospective customers? Internet marketing. According to the Internet World Stats website, 76% of American households access the Internet on a regular basis. They are there looking for content that targets their interest. On the Internet, a website’s message is available all day every day, delivering each businesses unique selling proposition. It is relatively inexpensive because it not only avoids the wasteful, repetitive, shotgun approach, it captures tracking data, measuring the advertising campaign’s effectiveness. Analyzing the results helps a business improve it’s marketing message and convert more leads to customers.

Moving an off-line business to one on-line and capturing the off-line business niche is essential to 2010 success. Doing it correctly requires using a knowledgeable on-line marketing specialist who knows how to blend both off-line and on-line methods; some one who understands the market and the secrets to positioning the local business in a top search position. These consultants typically use permission marketing methods, encouraging follow up, and loyalty building programs for repeat customers. The correct specialist will use techniques moving all potential prospects from costly hit and miss advertising, to personal promotions requested by the prospect themselves. This personalization captures and improves customer loyalty with each contact. It reduces cost, because the website, once established, does not incur the same high ongoing cost of the yellow pages and direct mail.

An Internet presence, produced by the right consultant is essential for every one in business today.

How to Navigate the World of Internet Marketing

How to navigate the world of Internet marketing.

You’ve all heard about the people making thousands of dollars on-line and most of you would ask; how can I make that kind of money? The Internet is a powerful tool and can help you stuck at home, fed up of the nine to five drudge to escape and become your own boss. Some people buy and sell their own products on-line, a good source is e-bay but what if you do not have the goods to sell or the space to store them or even the time to get them delivered? Internet marketing can be an ideal way for people to make money without having to store thousands of products in a warehouse (or in their living rooms).

You can sell information and e-products (and the list of products is endless!)The question is what do people want and how do I find the best products? Affiliate marketing is one way to go by simply directing sales to companies already in business you can take a commission from every sale you direct. There are problems though, what products do you promote? How do you direct people to them? How do you rank your Google ratings so people know you are there promoting the products?

I have spent time exploring the affiliate market and although it does offer the opportunity to be your own boss for some there are so many products out there and so many people trying to sell them I just got lost in a cyber sea of products. Finally I came across the product that changed my life, gave me the financial freedom and let me live my life the way I wanted to live it and not the way my boss decided it was to be lived. No more working late nights and weekends if I decided not to, no more brief conversations with my wife and kids as we barely crossed paths. Finally I had my life back, time with my family and the money to be able to enjoy our lives.

With the help and support of my personal mentor I was able to set up my own business promoting the product that will change your life too. I had all the training I needed and help and support was available whenever I needed it. I had no previous experience setting up web pages, directing traffic to sites and was a general new comer to the whole Internet marketing business but with this product I am now a successful entrepreneur making substantial amounts of money every month and you could be too! I have also recently hooked up with Jeff Mills, one of the most successful outsourcing guru’s of recent times. He has also helped my business to thrive tenfold. I will share the benefits of my experiences as a training entrepreneur leading on to become a business success, developing my little empire into a thriving independent business. Now is the time to act -Give up the day job and start to live your own life.

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