Five Tips to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Quite often I’m asked if there is a “secret” to building a network marketing business. The answer is both yes and no. I say no because there is really no one secret. I say yes, because there are many things you can do on a regular basis to build your business. I’d like to share five things you can do that will help you in building your business.

1. Learn about the company and the products. When you speak to others about what you are selling or joining your team, you’ll sound much more professional if you know about the company and about the product line.

2. Take an interest in self-development. Network marketing is a relationship business. We improve our relationship skills when we begin working on self-development. I attend seminars, take classes and read books all devoted to helping me become a better person. Even those who teach the classes I attend will share that they continually take classes to learn more themselves.

3. Make a one year commitment to your business. It takes time to find customers, build a team and develop a base for your business. While I always hear and read the words “businesses aren’t built overnight”, the reality is many people don’t really believe these few words apply to them. Commit to one year in business. After one year you’ll have enough experience and knowledge to make a new decision if a new decision is necessary.

4. Set an example for your team. As you build a team, your team members will look to you for guidance, support and training. If your team sees you market on a regular basis, they too will market. If your team sees you attend trainings and other company functions, they too will realize the value in these events. If you communicate regularly with your team, they in turn will learn to communicate with their teams.

5. Return phone calls and emails just as quickly as possible. Understand that not every communication will result in a sale or new team member, however each communication will aid you in building your own brand and your own reputation. If you get a complaint, take care of it immediately. If you get a product question, get an answer just as quickly as you can. You want your reputation to be one of a person who responds in a timely manner.

As you can see, there is no magic answer on how to build your business. The answer is to take steps daily to build your business and to build your name and reputation.