How to Re-Market Your Product to Your Leads

It is a constant challenge figuring out how to attract more targeted customers who are suited to help your business thrive. It is the goal of every company to reach as large of customer base as possible, and have a high conversion rate when selling their product or service. This is far easier said than done, but with the right techniques you can see substantial results by tailoring your efforts. For businesses in the financial realm (debt settlement, tax, or loan modification) working with leads is an effective way to reach a qualified customer base. Despite this, many companies don’t reach the return on investment they envisioned because of the manner in which they are marketing to their clients. Following the industry standard might keep you afloat, but it will never put you ahead. Here are three tactics to employ on your leads that will increase your conversion rates and bolster your company’s image.

1. When Calling a Lead, if they don’t pick up leave a Voice mail

Leaving a voice mail is an effective method for contacting your leads, but there is a specific strategy and technique to leaving one. It is important to never leave a voice mail on the first attempt you call. The best practice is to call at least three times randomly throughout the day. If they do not pick up on the first two tries and it is a work number, try pressing zero. Pressing zero at work phone number will often send you to a receptionist or co-worker who has a better idea of where this person is. If you don’t get through on the third try, leave a voice mail. When you do leave a message make sure you include a reference of success with a past client. This breaks the barrier and establishes trust within your company and increases your credibility. Prospecting customers are going to trust your clients more than they are going to believe your marketing messages, which makes the reference key.

2. E-mailing Your Leads

Many financial companies still rely on direct mailing services as a major component of their marketing campaigns. While this was once an effective strategy e-mail marketing has greatly surpassed standard mail. When delivered through email, you provide quality content of your businesses services, rates, and offers at a far better cost than direct mail. When your message is delivered via mail, a hard copy provides some incentives, but e-mail allows them to go directly to your company’s website. This channel drives highly qualified visitors back to your website with a product or service in mind to purchase. It’s no surprise that the website conversion rates of are so much higher.

3. Mobile Marketing

One field you should start focusing a lot of attention on is mobile marketing. If the lead you receive includes a cell phone number you have an untapped resource to market your company. Because cell phone numbers are not listed in the phone book most companies are not afforded a direct line to their customer base. Following the model for how well e-mail marketing lists convert, contacting with mobile marketing via phone and text messaging strategies will skyrocket your conversion rates. If communicating through text is one of the primary ways of communication, wouldn’t you want to make it part of your marketing efforts? With the new age of smart-phones and social media there is a huge marketplace that most other companies don’t think to cater to. As mobile communication keeps growing in the online market as well, now is the time to really consider how you can use mobile marketing to generate business for your company.