Important Enlightenment About Oil Casing Damage

For decades, research on oil casing pipe damage has never stopped, and oil fields in various countries have invested huge manpower and material resources in research. People have studied the form, cause, numerical simulation, measurement method, and mechanism of casing damage from different perspectives such as petroleum geology, reservoir engineering, materials science and engineering, rock mechanics, material mechanics, geomechanics, seepage mechanics, and corrosion electrochemistry. And prevention.

However, due to the complexity of the problem of oil casing failure, the above-mentioned studies are generally carried out for a certain oil field, block and specific well conditions. Numerical simulations are often based on finite element analysis of a small local area around a single well, and lack of analysis of the above-mentioned problems. Multi-disciplinary, large-scale overall consideration, and because many problems in the failure of oil casing seem to be more suitable for analysis by means of numerical simulation, so far, no one has summarized people’s experience and knowledge of casing failure analysis for decades. Carry out expert system processing. Therefore, the treatment of casing damage is still ineffective at present, and oilfield casing damage still occurs frequently, which has become a major problem restricting the development of oilfields.

Petroleum casing damage is commonly referred to as casing damage and casing deformation in the field of petroleum engineering. Petroleum casing failure refers to the general term for the deformation, rupture, misalignment and other damage forms of the casing when the load on the casing exceeds the bearing capacity of the casing due to factors such as engineering, geological, and production dynamic changes during the oilfield production process. In the process of oil and gas field development, especially in the middle and late stages of oil and gas field development, casing damage is a chronic disease that plagues the development of the petroleum industry in my country and the world. It is also one of the key issues affecting the development of the petroleum industry and improving its benefits.

Therefore, from a large number of complex data and processes such as oilfield geology, engineering, design, construction, production and development, and workover, it is very important to correctly identify the main reason for the failure of the oil casing as soon as possible, and to correctly determine the failure mechanism of the oil casing. important. However, the early studies and judgments on the causes and mechanisms of oil casing damage were done by experts in this field. In recent years, with the development of computer technology, the wide application of finite element methods, and the deepening of human understanding of rock mechanics, seepage mechanics, and elastoplastic mechanics, numerical simulation is increasingly used in the analysis of the causes of casing deformation. In order to analyze the failure of the casing, a method of both knowledge analysis and numerical analysis has been formed. Partial waste in any way cannot completely solve the problem of oil casing damage. However, knowledge analysis is the main method or even if numerical analysis can be used, but numerical analysis cannot solve all the problems in the field, it happens to be the world where expert systems can demonstrate their capabilities.

So far, the research on the failure of petroleum casing has basically stayed on the knowledge analysis or numerical analysis of the failure form of a single casing. No one is engaged in establishing a rapid expert system that can cover the entire oil field and deal with all the failure problems of petroleum casing. Perform unified analysis and processing. The establishment of an expert system covering the entire oil casing damage has important theoretical and practical significance for the treatment of casing damage in oilfields in my country and the world.

Analysis of oil casing damage mechanism is a complex, arduous and creative work. It is a systematic engineering involving oilfield geology, drilling engineering (drill pipe), the formulation and adjustment of overall development plans, and the adoption of production measures; prevention, delay and resolution of oil casing damage is the core. This work also has important guiding significance for the geological and engineering design of the new well construction, the adjustment of the oilfield development plan, and the formulation of production measures. It is possible to quickly build an oil casing fault detection system to provide convenience for oil casing fault monitoring.

How to Re-Market Your Product to Your Leads

It is a constant challenge figuring out how to attract more targeted customers who are suited to help your business thrive. It is the goal of every company to reach as large of customer base as possible, and have a high conversion rate when selling their product or service. This is far easier said than done, but with the right techniques you can see substantial results by tailoring your efforts. For businesses in the financial realm (debt settlement, tax, or loan modification) working with leads is an effective way to reach a qualified customer base. Despite this, many companies don’t reach the return on investment they envisioned because of the manner in which they are marketing to their clients. Following the industry standard might keep you afloat, but it will never put you ahead. Here are three tactics to employ on your leads that will increase your conversion rates and bolster your company’s image.

1. When Calling a Lead, if they don’t pick up leave a Voice mail

Leaving a voice mail is an effective method for contacting your leads, but there is a specific strategy and technique to leaving one. It is important to never leave a voice mail on the first attempt you call. The best practice is to call at least three times randomly throughout the day. If they do not pick up on the first two tries and it is a work number, try pressing zero. Pressing zero at work phone number will often send you to a receptionist or co-worker who has a better idea of where this person is. If you don’t get through on the third try, leave a voice mail. When you do leave a message make sure you include a reference of success with a past client. This breaks the barrier and establishes trust within your company and increases your credibility. Prospecting customers are going to trust your clients more than they are going to believe your marketing messages, which makes the reference key.

2. E-mailing Your Leads

Many financial companies still rely on direct mailing services as a major component of their marketing campaigns. While this was once an effective strategy e-mail marketing has greatly surpassed standard mail. When delivered through email, you provide quality content of your businesses services, rates, and offers at a far better cost than direct mail. When your message is delivered via mail, a hard copy provides some incentives, but e-mail allows them to go directly to your company’s website. This channel drives highly qualified visitors back to your website with a product or service in mind to purchase. It’s no surprise that the website conversion rates of are so much higher.

3. Mobile Marketing

One field you should start focusing a lot of attention on is mobile marketing. If the lead you receive includes a cell phone number you have an untapped resource to market your company. Because cell phone numbers are not listed in the phone book most companies are not afforded a direct line to their customer base. Following the model for how well e-mail marketing lists convert, contacting with mobile marketing via phone and text messaging strategies will skyrocket your conversion rates. If communicating through text is one of the primary ways of communication, wouldn’t you want to make it part of your marketing efforts? With the new age of smart-phones and social media there is a huge marketplace that most other companies don’t think to cater to. As mobile communication keeps growing in the online market as well, now is the time to really consider how you can use mobile marketing to generate business for your company.

Successful Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is definitely a beneficial form of advertisement to any business if it is handled correctly. It might seem that sending out a letter, coupons, or postcard might be a relatively simple task, but it is actually more involved than you might realize. There is a lot of planning that goes into direct mail advertising. First you have to figure out how exactly you want to market your product or service to the public. After that comes the question of what exactly are you going to send out, letter or postcard? This seems like a really easy question, but in actuality making the wrong choice can be detrimental to a marketing campaign. It might sound a little dramatic, but the difference between successful marketing and unsuccessful marketing can mean a great deal to a business in terms of profit or lack thereof.

Think about it from the perspective of a customer since you yourself are a customer to many other businesses when you purchase a product or service. When you get your mail do you cringe when there is a stack of junk mail tossed in with your bills? How much attention do you really put into looking through all of the different advertisements? Most customers might take a glance here or there, but usually the majority of those advertisements end up in the trash. So how do you go about your direct mail advertising campaign in order to avoid such a fate for your own marketing techniques?

Believe it or not, it is important for you to do your research when starting your direct mail advertising campaign. Being informed is only going to benefit your business and your campaign. First you need to figure out who exactly you wish to target with your advertising. Once you have that figured out you then need to put yourself in their shoes, what is going to grab their attention in terms of an advertisement. Don’t over sell your product or service; try to make your advertisements somewhat personal to your target audience. Next you need to do a little research when putting together your mailing list for your direct mail advertising. Don’t waste your time and money mailing to the wrong target audience. By performing the adequate research needed you will make sure that the people you are mailing are within the age range or have some sort of interest in the product or services that you are advertising.

Make sure that your advertisement is something that is going to catch the customer’s eye. This can be done with interesting headlines and titles. Make sure that you include enough information on the product or service that will gain interest without boring the reader. Once the reader is hooked on the product, include the price and then include a way for the customer to contact the advertiser or location details. After you have included everything, it is time to test it out before you spend a fortune on mass mailing. Once you find something that works for your business, go with it and constantly look for ways to improve.