Twitter Tips For Direct Sellers

As a target marketing specialist for direct sales reps, I spend a lot of time testing new strategies to help direct sales reps reach and serve their customers. My current favorite is twitter.Twitter is an obvious choice for connecting real time with friends or followers. It’s quick and relatively easy to navigate. Simply create an i.d., and start looking for people to spread your message.The trouble comes when a person is brand new and has no idea how/where to begin.Twitter is not a platform for heavy selling. Rather, it’s a great place to introduce yourself, share more about who you are, and then open the door to potential business ventures. Heck, you only have 140 characters per tweet, and if you want people to share those tweets, you need to keep it under 120!In the interests of etiquette, here are a few simple tips to help direct sellers make the most of twitter:1. Be genuine. This is at the heart of everything twitter represents. Select a user name that reflects who you are, rather than your product or company name. In fact, most companies prohibit use of their name in that manner anyway, so why risk it?People will gravitate to who you are first, THEN to what you offer.2. Provide value. You’ve heard me say this time and again. People are always asking themselves, “why should I believe/listen you?” We are deluged with thousands of “advertising” messaged every single day. Your tweets need to stand out, provide value to your market and serve the very people you’re trying to reach.3. Be personal. By that, I mean resist the temptation to automate your following/unfollowing or direct messaging.There are appropriate ways to use automation with twitter. I’ve tested dozens of applications that were developed to maximize the efficiency of twitter. My results conclude that autofollows and autoDM’s just cause trouble.Take the time to make the connection manually – which will avoid the need to unfollow at a later date. Yes, it means your number of followers may grow more slowly, but you can be sure that the followers you do have are actually INTERESTED in what you have to say.4. Be patient. If you’re being true to who you are, you’re not likely to get a million followers overnight, but you WILL generate a following of people that know like and trust you.  Word will spread as your followers share your message with their followers.This is why I stress that social media and online marketing does not replace your home party business, but is an additional marketing component to running your business like a real business. Yes, there are people who have all but retired from doing home parties, but it didn’t happen overnight.Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a twitter account (or any single marketing strategy) is the fastest way to riches. It can help increase your reach dramatically, but it’s certainly not an overnight solution.==========© 2009 Lisa Robbin Young.